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Aiken and O’Halloran  is a criminal defense firm with four convenient offices serving all of southwest Florida. We like to refer to ourselves as a criminal defense team. We pride ourselves on our ability to draw on the unique talents of each individual lawyer and match that attorney to the particular problem at hand.

Peter Aiken, a former forensic accountant, federal agent, federal prosecutor and 30-year veteran trial attorney, contributes to our team effort a level of experience that can be gained only through thousands of cases and hundreds of trials.

Sean O’Halloran, a former state prosecutor in both Charlotte and Lee counties, has honed his trial skills in the state courts. More importantly, he possesses a level of local knowledge gained from years of jury trials before local judges.

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Success Through Active Investigation And Careful Preparation

We actively investigate and prepare our defenses often before criminal charges are filed. We thoroughly investigate and research every possible defense. We negotiate when productive, but at the same time have the skills and experience to be formidable adversaries at trial. Appeals, the last resort, are exhaustively researched, briefed and argued.

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