Bucs, Booze and Busted for DUI

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Super Bowl LV can turn into a real bust out if you drink and drive here in Ft. Myers.  It doesn’t matter whether you are for Kansas or the Tampa Bucs, if you drink a little too much watching the game, do not drive.

If you are reading this too late, and your Super Bowl party ended with an arrest for driving under the influence, don’t make another mistake by not hiring the best DUI lawyer you can find.  All lawyers are not the same when it comes to handling DUI cases.  Just like doctors, different lawyers handle different kinds of cases.  You would not go to a foot doctor for a heart problem, so if you are looking for a good DUI lawyer, do your homework.

A Dui conviction can have some pretty serious consequences.  It can affect you job, your insurance rates, your future and more importantly, it can land you in jail.  It can cost you your license and make it next to impossible to work.

An experienced DUI lawyer may find a weakness or fatal flaw in the State’s DUI case.  The stop may have been improper.  The roadside exercises may have been done wrong.  There may be e technical defect in the breath or blood results.  Even though you may feel like giving up and simply pleading to the charge, think twice.  Talking to a top notch DUI lawyer may make an enormous difference in how your case goes.

Most DUI lawyers do not charge for an initial consultation.  When you are talking to lawyers, ask important questions.  How many DUI cases have you actually tried?  How many DUI cases have you handled as a defense lawyer, (not a prosecutor).  Some lawyers advertise that they have handled hundreds or thousands of DUI cases, but forget to mention that it was as a prosecutor.  How long has the lawyer you are talking to been actually doing criminal defense work? If you were arrested for DUI there are important time deadlines dealing with your license.  You have already made mistake in judgement, don’t make a second and try and handle this case on your own.  Give us a call and at least discuss your options