Getting a ticket for smoking weed in Sarasota?

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Sarasota may finally be headed in the right direction when it comes to marijuana.  It is only a matter of time until simple possession of recreational marijuana is legal in Florida.  Like it or not, that is going to happen.  The State will become addicted to the money it brings into the coffers, just as Colorado and Washington have.  If the Government had legalized marijuana fifty years ago, there would not be Mexican or Columbian cartels.  Hagen Brody is leading the charge to make simple possession of Marijuana a ticket, instead of an arrest.   Yeah for Hagen Brody.

In the meantime, people are still getting arrested in Sarasota for possession of a controlled substance.  They get booked, printed, humiliated and worse yet, there names and faces go onto  How do you think that looks to a prospective employer in the future?  Many arrests for possession of marijuana are the result of an illegal stop or an illegal search.  Before you opt for the Public Defender, and before you opt for a plea, talk to an experienced Sarasota criminal defense lawyerFor the little bit of money that it costs you might find there is a way to win the case entirely.  Generally, initial consultations with defense lawyers like me, are free.

If you have been charged with a sale of a controlled substance either here in Sarasota or in Bradenton, you really need to talk to a private criminal defense attorneyA ”sale charge” can land you in jail.  You can even be charged with distribution of a controlled substance if you give a friend some weed.  Did you know that if you give a friend a Percocet or OxyContin for a horrible toothache, you are committing a felony?  Did you know that if someone gives you a controlled substance, such as Xanax, to help you sleep, you are committing a felony by possessing simply one pill?  They say that “ignorance is no defense” and over and over as a Sarasota criminal defense attorney I talk to people that simply did not know they were violating the law.

If you accidentally violated the law, if you did not know it was a crime, don’t make another mistake by pleading to something to simply “get it over with”.  You will lose your driver’s license for a year for a drug conviction.  Think about that.  Probation may sound great and using the Public Defender may sound like a great idea, but think twice.  You need to make an informed decision, weighing your options, weighing your risks and thinking ahead.  You probably already made one mistake in getting arrested.  Not hiring a good, qualified, experienced defense lawyer may be yet another mistake.  If you want to know your DUI options or discuss how to proceed, call 941 366 3506.