Busted with drugs in Sarasota

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A drug conviction can have a long term effect on your future.  Even in the short term, you can lose your driver’s license and many times, that makes it difficult to get a job or to get back and forth to work.  If you are addicted to pills, and have been arrested in Sarasota or Manatee for possession of a controlled substance, you need help, not jail.  Addiction is a treatable illness.  You may be in denial.  That is one of the first symptoms of addiction.  You may think, “I can quit anytime”, but you find yourself, over and over, taking another pill.  You may think that you are not getting high, but just taking a pill to take away the pain from an injury.  You may think that if a doctor prescribes hydrocodone or oxycodone, because it is prescribed by a doctor, you are not an addict.  You really need to do some real hard thinking. How long have I been taking these?  Is it interfering with my life? Has it affected my relationship with my spouse, my parents or my employer?

Getting arrested may seem like a nightmare, but it can be a turning point in your life.  If you are using heroin something worse, getting arrested may be a blessing in disguise.  As a drug lawyer here in Sarasota, I understand addiction.  Solving the legal problem is only part of the answer.  It does you no good to plea to probation if you have no chance of making it successfully.  The simple answer is that you need help.  You need a real comprehensive plan to solve both the legal and personal problem.  You do have options and as a criminal defense attorney here in Sarasota, my goal is to try and make a difference in a person’s life.  You can get help and guidance through the legal system is a giant first step.  If you need to talk or have comments on this issue feel free to call at 941 366 3506